Bungie Forsakes their Customers with DLC Price Change


I consider myself a man of a few simple principles. I don’t have a lot of them, but I take pride in keeping my word on those I do. I’ve sworn off most fast food, I don’t drink alcohol before noon (unless I’m on vacation), I’ve never smoked and I swore to never, EVER purchase a Destiny 2 DLC. I’ll let you take a guess on which one of those I broke. To be fair though, I can’t say I’ve really regretted the decision all that much as Destiny 2: Forsaken represents a cosmic leap forward compared to the other installments. Much in the way that The Taken King fixed many of the issues which plagued the first Destiny, Forsaken feels like the game we should have gotten all along. It features a number of improvements to the UI and multiplayer, an overhauled weapon system, and new subclasses for the player to unlock. Our very own Matt Martinez had good things to say about the brand new Gambit multiplayer mode. Also, quite to my surprise, the expansion features an unexpectedly solid story to play through. It feels more like a classic western than a space opera, focused around a quest for vengeance and featuring a murderer’s row of unique villains to hunt down at your leisure. Not to mention the game also provides more of the ever-so-important tidbits of lore that Destiny players have craved since the original. While I did have to spend more money than I wanted to purchase Forsaken along with the previous two, relatively lackluster DLC’s, my sourness was tempered by the fact Bungie seemed to have finally hit their stride with this entry…and then it happened.

Barely one month into Forsaken’s release, Bungie announced that starting October 16 all future copies of the game will now include the DLCs Warmind and Curse of Osiris. The bundle will now be available for the standard retail price of $39.99, whereas previously all three were only available in the Legendary Collection of the expansion which was priced at $59.99. But don’t worry! If you bought the game during the insanely brief period period between its release and October 16 (ie: most people who were gonna buy it anyway), you’ll be gifted with a unique “Veterans of the Hunt Bundle,” which includes a unique shader and emblem as well as - brace yourself - TWO exotic emotes! You’ll also be given a bundle of consumables such as Fireteam Medallions and Crucible Boons, but who cares about that?! Your guy can flip a coin now, isn’t that cool?

It’s all a rather pitiful attempt to distract gamers from the fact that they were basically conned into wasting twenty bucks. If Bungie had done this six months from now I might be a little more understanding, but I literally purchased this expansion barely a week before this announcement was made. I sure as hell would not be willing to dump an extra twenty dollars for a shader that may as well just say “I GOT RIPPED OFF” in big bold letters. It just goes to show that even though some companies may listen to their customers in regards to improving the game at large, it doesn’t mean that they are above shady business practices. Maybe this is all punishment for me breaking my solemn oath, but the more I think about this nonsense, the more I think drinking before noon doesn’t sound like such a bad idea after all.

Much like Cayde-6, your beloved 20 dollars will not be coming back…

Much like Cayde-6, your beloved 20 dollars will not be coming back…