Destiny 2 Needs a Star Wars Episode 1: Racer Game Mode


Back in 1999, one of the best racing games ever developed was released concurrently with the movie from which it took its inspiration. Yes, I’m speaking of Star Wars Episode I: Racer. At the ripe ol’ age of 8, I remember playing this game pretty vividly. I’d only play Ebe Endocott for who-knows-what reason, though, like Anakin, my arch-nemesis was definitely Sebulba. The game sported all of the pod racers from the actual movie, The Phantom Menace, and you could even race on the very track Anakin does: The Boonta Eve Classic. If any of this brings up some nostalgic memories of loud double engines (or if you’re Ben Quadinaros, four engines) and a particular heart pumping simulation of insane speeds that few games have come to capture since, then thanks to GoG, you can actually purchase the game here.

It’s been 19 years since the release of Episode I: Racer and save Burnout, maybe one or two of the Need for Speed games, and Mario Kart, racing games since then have never captured or interested me. Why? Because I don’t want to race cars. I want to race futuristic speeders through ridiculous racetracks across the solar system with loud engines, lots of speeders to choose from, speed-boost depleting fuel tanks, and fantastical graphics. I wonder if there were a game where this would work?

Bring back those sweet uniforms please…

Bring back those sweet uniforms please…

That’s where Destiny 2 comes in. Pod-racer like vehicles? Check. Loud engines? Check. Variety of speeders? Check. Speed-boost? Check. Great graphics? Check. All we need are some race tracks and we’re set. All Bungie has to do is bring back the Sparrow Racing League event, which we haven’t seen since 2016, port it to the Tangled Shore, and I’m there. There could even be implementation of a very difficult run, The Ragged Valley Sprint, where we have to beat Baron Yavik’s best race time through a treacherous, shifting-bouldered death trap of a course.

I’m certainly looking forward to the December Dawning event this year, and hoping I’ll be able to take up the reins of Ebe Endocott once more.