Troy Baker Teases Death Stranding - "it's Weird and it's Big"


Death Stranding, the newest game in development by industry legend Hideo Kojima, remains shrouded in mystery, from its story, characters, to even basic gameplay. Veteran voice actor Troy Baker, who portrays a currently-unnamed character revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2018, attended Argentina Game Show 2018 last week and provided desperate fans with a few breadcrumbs when asked about the game.

Although he refused to disclose his character’s name, Baker said that he shot for about two weeks and, precluding any possible reshoots, his work on the game is done. Baker also believes that Norman Reedus, who plays lead character Sam, is finished shooting as well. Of their characters’ interactions, he teased, “we had some interesting scenes together that you guys have not even begun… It’s weird.” Baker also praised Reedus’s work ethic and said he had really thrown himself into the role.

Baker, who previously worked with Kojima on Metal Gear Solid V, went on to say, “[Kojima] had the entire game in his head for, like, two years. And if you ever wanted to ask him anything, he could...tell you the exact fact. I’ve never had to work with someone who required more trust, because it’s like you’re going through it blind.” It sounds like, outside of what they need to know for their roles, the cast is as much in the dark as the public.

Throughout his statement, Baker emphasized the oddness of the game, repeatedly calling it “weird” and “fantastical” - something that’s been pretty obvious from all of the trailers we’ve seen so far. He also said that it was “huge,” although whether he’s referring to story-length, size of the world, or something else remains to be seen and speculated upon.

Baker concluded his response with, “I just want to play it. I just want to play it.” Us too, Troy. Us too.

Watch Troy Baker’s full response to the question.