Destiny 2's Black Armory DLC Releases Today

New Exo character, Ada-1, has a badass uniform.

New Exo character, Ada-1, has a badass uniform.

Note: There is one (large) story spoiler towards the end of this article.

Destiny 2’s first DLC for its expansion Forsaken goes live today: Black Armory. You can gain access to the content for this DLC via purchasing the annual pass for $35, which includes the two other DLC being released though Summer 2019.

There are some neat new features about Black Armory that should excite any fan of the traditional Destiny grind. Seeing as the DLC is armory themed, after all, there are a good amount of new weapons and items to acquire, some of which you can see in Bungie’s new trailer for the DLC. There’s a new level cap of 650, and some new story elements teased on the Destiny 2 page, which states that the Exo “Ada-1 will introduce you to the creators of the forges, three families whose history had been lost until now.” One new item I’m particularly excited about is the new raid, Scourge of the Past, which takes place inside The Last City, and one I imagine Bungie has been particularly creative with, as we’ve never quite experienced the Last City save for some few scenes in the beginning of the base Destiny 2 story.

And lastly, here is where the spoiler comes in: it’s been leaked that one of my favorite characters, Prince of the Reef & Queen Mara’s brother, Uldren Sov, is returning to the series. Our guardian infamously murders the Prince after chasing him across the Reef and Dreaming City for his killing of Cayde-6, even though Uldren was under the influence of a powerful Ahamkara, Riven, who was guiding his actions. Uldren, in this leaked scene, is resurrected by a ghost (and thus the Traveler) as a guardian. This is a huge development for a few reasons: Uldren will not have his memory from before he was resurrected, as a side effect of being brought back to life for the first time by a ghost. So he will not know that our character killed him, which is setting up the reveal of a lifetime - will Petra tell him? Will our guardian tell him? However it’ll happen, I’m sure it will be gripping and I cannot wait to see how it occurs. There’s also a theory online that somehow Uldren will end up as the Hunter trainer in The Tower, filling Cayde-6’s spot, but I’m entirely skeptical, as it’d be a huge leap for most hunters to accept, as he did technically pull the trigger killing Cayde-6.

I am very excited for the story reveals in the Black Armory, and hopefully this DLC builds upon Forsaken’s greatness, and doesn’t revert back into a Curse of Osiris release. See you at the Tower, guardians!