Nintendo Disregards Switch 2.0 in Favor of Online Features


via Gamespot - "Historically, game consoles from all major hardware companies get refreshed with hardware revisions over time. This will likely happen for the Nintendo Switch, but it won't be until 2019 at the earliest, according to a new report. Citing sources, The Wall Street Journal reports that Nintendo is not planning a new version of the Nintendo Switch to launch in 2018.

Instead of that, the report said Nintendo will look to beefing up the Switch's online features and offering more peripherals to boost sales, according to The report cited Nintendo Labo, the wacky, wonderful, and weird game that uses actual cardboard as an example of this. WSJ went on to say that Nintendo is looking at more peripherals that use the console's USB-C port."

This is some refreshing news for all Nintendo Switch owners. After the success of the console during its launch year, the wait for substantial online services has been the last real hurdle. We already know the online paid services are coming in September. The minor price tag of $20 for a year subscription is more than affordable for the majority of the console's players. The additional news that Nintendo isn't focusing on making any hardware enhancements and putting their attention in these upcoming online services shows a commitment to gamers to ensure they are getting the best service Nintendo could offer them.

Since we're eagerly awaiting more news on what these online features will consist of, why not take some time to talk about what we hope to see? First and foremost there needs to be an option to customize your username. The friend code is easily the worst friend identifier in all of online gaming. I couldn't even tell you what mine is because it's truly just a jumble of numbers and letters. Not exactly the easiest thing to memorize which leads the user to hunt it down in their user profile to provide it to friends. Unique usernames have been around since the dawn of online gaming meaning they need to be present on the Switch.

Want to play  Monster Hunter World  on the go with friends?  It could happen .

Want to play Monster Hunter World on the go with friends? It could happen.

I'm curious to see how well the servers will perform or if third party games like Battlefield and Call of Duty end up making the jump to the Switch. Obviously the graphics on games such as those previously mentioned wouldn't add up to what we experience on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. However, if Nintendo is serious about their online community, then I envision a strong focus on doing their best to entice those game studios to create ports for the Switch. I don't think it's too far-fetched to think there is a real market of gamers wanting to bring their first person shooter of choice on the go with them and still be able to enjoy multiplayer modes.

Lastly, what I'm hoping for most of all is a classic library of games we can have access to. Whether they end up throwing in free games every month like Sony and Microsoft or if they charge a price for these games, a classic library that you have access to anytime you have an internet connection can potentially lead to more sales of the console. There's a definite boom in retro gaming so a focus on bringing these classics back to life, and giving them mobile functionality, could certainly help Shigeru Minamoto realize his dream of "every person in a home" buying a Switch. As of now we'll have to wait until either E3 or another Nintendo Direct to learn more. What features are you hoping to see in Nintendo Online?