Weekly Wrap Up: NPCs Need Driver's Ed

Steve: For anyone who has ever been inexplicably slammed into by an NPC driver in GTA V this is the article for you. Now they get their comeuppance as they can’t handle a simple turn. If only Thanos could make half the NPC drivers in Los Santos disappear.

It wouldn't be the first time Thanos showed up in GTA...

It wouldn't be the first time Thanos showed up in GTA...

Kristine: Expanding the world of gaming to everyone is Microsoft's goal with their new adaptive controller. Because the controller is able to be completely modified, people with various disabilities will be able to use it. Say what you will about the lack of games on the Xbox, but Microsoft breaking barriers to allow everyone to game by working with groups such as AbleGamers is truly commendable.

Manny: Like Patricia Hernandez mentions, fake Pokemon leaks are a dime a dozen, but a lot of these signs around a possible Pokemon Switch game point to "yes." Between oddly specific domains being scooped up, alleged images and titles coming from multiple sources, Game Freak confirming that they're exploring ways to grow Pokemon Go connectivity--I'm really hoping a Pokemon Yellow remake for the Switch is in the cards.

Matt O:  Metro Exodus, the third entry in the critically acclaimed Metro series, will not make its previously scheduled Fall 2018 release date according to developers 4A Games. In a statement by 4A games they describe Exodus as "the most ambitious Metro game to date" so seeing them take a little more time to polish out any flaws could be a good thing. The team is still planning on releasing new footage showcasing the new environment and gameplay in time for E3 2018.