P1P Reacts: Red Dead Redemption 2's Trailer #3


*WARNING: Spoilers for Red Dead Redemption ahead

Yesterday Rockstar released the third trailer for the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2. This time fans were given a bigger glimpse into the world of the game, shedding some light on the story without giving away too much. We also see more of the wild west setting which was so beautifully realized in the original Red Dead Redemption. However, the biggest takeaway would have to be the appearance of a much younger and freshly scarred John Marston, the first games protagonist.

The trailer also confirmed that the perhaps erroneously titled RDR2 will actually be a prequel and take place in 1899, over a decade prior to the events of the first Red Dead. The player will be taking on the role of outlaw Arthur Morgan, a member of Dutch van der Lindes gang during the waning days of the wild west. Dutch, another returning character, is best known as the main antagonist of RDR1. Based on these facts, it seems likely that the story line will feature the falling out between Dutch and John, an event which was only alluded to in the first game.

I'll always be partial to Nigel West Dickens, the travelling snake oil salesman who constantly manages to enlist John's aid in his schemes.

I'll always be partial to Nigel West Dickens, the travelling snake oil salesman who constantly manages to enlist John's aid in his schemes.

Though we’ve only been privy to precious little information as far as the overall plot or gameplay goes, what we have seen gives me hope that gamers will be in store for a worthy successor to what I consider to be Rockstar's finest work. While the GTA series undoubtedly represent the jewels on Rockstar's crown, Red Dead Redemption holds its own as one of the most beautiful and emotionally investing gaming experiences I’ve ever had. This comes down primarily to characters and setting, two things I believe Red Dead does better than any other entry in Rockstar's lineup. While the setting of Los Santos from GTA V feels massive in both scale and population, the wild west in RDR feels alive. From the dusty little towns you ride through to the breathtaking vistas of the open desert, everything in the game contributes towards an incredible feeling of immersion. It helps that the world is filled with interesting and well-realized characters, perhaps none more so than John Marston himself. He’s a welcome break from the typical criminal caricatures that you’ve seen before; a good man at heart who’s trying to do right by his family and by himself after a lifetime of bad decisions. It makes it all the more tragic when these decisions inevitably catch up with him in the end.

This new entry in the Red Dead series seems determined to replicate the magic that made its predecessor so memorable. With the latest trailers emphasis on storytelling and Rockstar's legendary attention to detail on full display, it seems that this could be the game to look out for when it releases October 26, 2018.