Quirky Indie Game with Retro Graphics Finds Massive Success!

I'm gonna guess the game looks something like one of these or any combination thereof.

I'm gonna guess the game looks something like one of these or any combination thereof.

In recent days the indie gaming world has been taken by storm after the arrival of a hotly anticipated new title. At the moment we’re not sure what the name of this game is let alone what it’s about but we can safely assume it was developed by a small, relatively unknown studio or maybe some bored person in their spare time. We can expect top-notch gameplay that harkens back to games of old but featuring a modern spin. I’m also just going to say that they included some interesting little mechanic in there to make it stand out like time travel or the ability to change bodies, that way critics can use words like “groundbreaking” and “unconventional” when reviewing it. The game is also most likely insanely difficult and requires the player to die innumerable times before a stage can be completed. The level of difficulty has probably been met with praise by critics and gamers alike with people saying things like “it’s extremely rewarding” and “it’s the way games used to be."

Undoubtedly, the game features a unique visual style with some retro 16-bit pixel art and/or cute simplistic character designs. The art direction has been showered with admiration to the point that people who have not even played the game are saying “<Insert Game Name Here>? Yeah I love that game!” While I’m sure the internet has already been filled with fan art of the games iconic characters, like you know...that guy and...the other one. And the music! By god the music! How it will perfectly embody the frenetic/whimsical/creepy nature of the game. I’ll certainly be giving those catchy tunes a listen especially the track from that one boss fight/main menu/ending credits.  

Already the awards scene is abuzz with talk of accolades. The game swept the awards at this years Independent Games Festival with presenters having this to say regarding its success,

“We’re not sure how they were able to win in both the Best Web Browser Game and Best Mobile Game categories but I’m certain it was well deserved and we’ll realize that once we get around to playing it.”

I’m sure the creator was quick to take to social media to express his or her appreciation, probably talking about how they worked on this game in between work shifts and night school for the last 5 years or some other inspirational platitude.

With the games commercial success all but inevitable I anticipate that a sequel is already in the works which will include the much anticipated multiplayer content that fans wish was featured in the first game. The multiplayer which may or may not already exist is looking to be a huge draw in for the game. You can expect to spend many a hypothetical night with your buddies playing with/against each other. I know I will definitely be spending the foreseeable future investing hour after hour into this masterpiece or at least until that other new indie darling hits the shelves. Probably the one where you play as a cute anthropomorphic object/animal who has to like collect stars and climb a tower into space or something like that. Oh and it's totally going to have that hand drawn graphical style that’s so hot right now, yeah definitely got to check that one out.