Where We're Going in 2018

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The new year is in full swing, and aside from getting back to the grind of day jobs, it means some exciting new developments here at Ombra Gaming. Like I’ve said countless times, the support and encouragement we received over the last few months has been incredible, and we’re thrilled to have such a wonderful group of listeners and readers to help us grow.

With growth in mind, we released a survey in early December, so our supporters could give us their feedback and share their thoughts on how we were doing. For those that helped out and completed the survey - thank you! We took all your feedback, went through it as a team, and developed an awesome plan for the new year. So with that said, here are the exciting new developments to look forward to as we dive into 2018:


New Year, New Team

One of the things I'm most excited to announce is our two new team members! Our good friends Kristine (who you'll remember from Episode 8 of the podcast) and Matt O. have joined the Ombra Gaming Crew as Contributors, and will be doing some amazing work with us! Some of you told us that you'd like more frequent content, so we're growing our team to make that happen. Kristine and Matt O. will be focusing on written content, and will also be on a few Pod episodes! They both have really great gaming backgrounds, with experience across all platforms - and we're sure you'll love their work. Head over to the Team Page to learn more about the new members of our crew!

More Creative Content

A big piece of feedback that we received from our supporters was the desire for new kinds of content. Up until now, we have been entirely focused on audio and written content through the podcast and blog articles, but in the coming months, we're going to start layering in video content! From Let's Playsvideo interviews, gameplay footage, and more streams - it's all on the table. In addition to videos, we've whipped up some new podcast segment ideas, and will hopefully be bringing in some higher-profile industry folks for interviews and discussions. Our mission has always been to bring you fun, engaging, and thoughtful gaming content, and we're really excited to keep doing that in funnier, and more creative ways.


Growing the Ombra Gaming Family

We here at Ombra Gaming have always worked to bring people together in celebration of what makes the gaming industry great. With this in mind, we asked our supporters how they'd like us to continue building the Ombra Gaming Family - you answered, and we listened. We'll be streaming more often, engaging with The Ombra Gaming Family - and even hosting Community Game Nights!

But it doesn't end there...Starting today, the Ombra Gaming Discord Server is open! We wanted to create a way for us to directly connect with our supporters, and Discord is the best way to do exactly that! Hang out with us on the server, meet other supporters, share ideas and feedback - and just have an overall great time. Everyone is welcome! You can join the Ombra Gaming Discord through this invite.

In addition to connecting with the other Ombra supporters (lovingly dubbed "Ombres") in the new Discord Server, you can also give us a call directly! Maybe you're listening to the podcast and want to share some of your thoughts about the topic of the pod - give us a ring! We'll be picking some voicemails to play during subsequent podcast episodes, and responding directly to them. Our lines are open, so call in at (347) 509-5620.

Our supporters have proven time and time again, that they are some of the best people out there. From the bottom of our hearts, we can't thank you all enough for the love you've shown Ombra Gaming since our launch, and I'm absolutely stoked to keep growing with all of you.

Happy New Year, and ready up.

The Ombra Gaming Crew