Halo: The Master Chief Collection Announced for PC


Halo fans rejoice! In a recent post on Halo Waypoint, 343 Industries officially confirmed that The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC through the Microsoft and Steam stores.  The Halo: MCC package contains the original 3 games, including the remastered versions of Combat Evolved and Halo 2, as well as Halo: ODST and Halo 4.  A welcome surprise from the announcement was the fact that Halo: Reach was going to be added to the collection, something fans of the franchise (ie: Me) have been anticipating for some time.

It’s no secret if you’ve read some of my other articles that I’m a bit of Halo fanboy so this news was particularly gratifying for me.  Ever since I began to move away from console gaming and more towards the PC side of things there have always been certain console exclusives that I’ve grown to miss: Halo was at the top of that list.  My biggest worry (you might call it my CHIEF concern) was that we would have to wait until the release of the still very early in development Halo: Infinite before getting to play a PC ready Halo game.  Thankfully we’ll have something to tide us over in the meantime, while also delivering a rather substantial dose of nostalgia to get fans hyped for the next release.

Details are still extremely sparse regarding the release of the product but it will likely coincide with the addition of Halo: Reach to the console version of the MCC.  What we do know is that the games will apparently be release piecemeal and in chronological order according to the in game timeline, starting with Halo: Reach and ending with Halo 4.  How far apart these releases might be and what their initial prices are, remains unknown.  This is admittedly a small concern for me especially if Microsoft decides to gauge the price of a 5 year old bundle which as of now can be purchased for 30-40 dollars for the Xbox One.  That small bit of pessimism aside I am excited to see that 343 is partnering with developers Splash Damage and Ruffian in order to better optimize the MCC for the PC.  With their involvement the games present in the collection are expected to run at solid 60 FPS with additional support for 4K/HDR.  Outside of this the developers claimed that more information regarding community involvement would be revealed at the Halo Championship Series on March 17 at this years SXSW (South by Southwest).  Here’s hoping that some more news regarding release dates get dropped in the near future, I’m very much looking forwards to reliving some of my favorite gaming experiences of yore on PC.