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The Hacker Chronicles

Recently I stumbled upon a fun little video that shows the steps it takes to hack an SNES Classic to add more games to the console.  Luckily I found myself with literally nothing to do so time was no concern. I set up shop at my desk with the tutorial on one monitor and the software on the other.

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Waluigi Leaves Nintendo over Smash Exclusion

This years E3 may have been filled with exciting previews of upcoming titles, but it was also rife with its fair share of controversy. None were more shocking than the revelation that beloved gaming icon Waluigi was to be excluded from the roster of the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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Interview with a House Flipper

Recently, there’s been an inexplicable surge in the house flipping business. Ordinary people are paying upwards of $19.99 to get their certificate from developer Empyrean, a relatively new company on the scene. Here at Ombra Gaming, we had the chance to speak with up and coming House Flipper Kristine on her experience in the field.

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