Days Gone: New Trailer Reaction

There has been a lot of cautious optimism when it comes to the upcoming PS4 exclusive, Days Gone. What was once touted as one of Sony’s big upcoming games seems to have become a cause for concern with the minimal marketing we’ve seen and the delayed release from February to April. Over the past few days, games journalists on Twitter have been posting invitations they received from Sony Bend, inviting them to Deacon and Sarah’s wedding on February 13, 2019. The invitation led us to the latest trailer for the upcoming exclusive.

As I said on one of our first podcast episodes this year, when we discussed what excites us in 2019, I mentioned that I am still very much looking forward to Days Gone. While zombie fatigue may be real, I still enjoy the genre and am always eager to see what game developers can add to it and do differently. While this trailer doesn’t give us any new gameplay elements that we haven’t seen before, it’s the first real step at establishing the main character’s back story. We know that Deacon St. John was part of a motorcycle club before the world went to hell and was covered in hordes of mindless creatures, but we don’t know what makes him tick. Naturally, I expect to learn more about the protagonist through my play time with him, but this first little story element gives us a small foundation into what means the most to Deacon.

The trailer is short and places Deacon in the scattered remains of the church where he and his wife Sarah married. There’s a mix of present day and flashback moments where we are brought to the day where Deacon and Sarah professed their eternal love for one another with Deacon uttering “and I ain’t ever gonna leave.” As anyone who has ever watched a horror movie can attest, anyone who says a variation of “I’ll be right back,” or “I’ll always be here” usually means that will not be the case. We are then brought back to present day to finish the trailer where we find out Deacon is being pursued by another gang of bikers and they’ve hunted him down to the church. As he stares at his photo of Sarah, he decides to take action and a brawl breaks out. We are shown some gameplay elements we have seen before from previous trailers, and it ends with a vicious horde running right towards Deacon.

While we may not know everything, this trailer does provide us a reason to become interested in Deacon. Judging by the way he looked at Sarah’s photo, it seems like something has led to their separation. Whether she’s dead, captured, or left him for another is anyone’s guess but at the very least this trailer has left me wanting to find out more. This is exactly the type of marketing I was hoping, and expecting, to see as we approach the April 26th release date. Sony Bend has a strong track record of well-done games and the presentation of Days Gone shows that this will, at the very least, be a visually satisfying experience. I also love the way they approached this marketing campaign. The invitations to Deacon and Sarah’s wedding was a great touch that generated plenty of buzz on social media before the release of the trailer.

We’re still two months away from actually playing Days Gone but has this trailer changed your mind on whether or not you’ll be picking up a copy? Let us know in the comments or give us a call at (347)-509-5620.