Director of Destiny 2 Rebukes Activision Investors

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The Director of Destiny at developer Bungie, Luke Smith, rebuked Activision directly on twitter over the weekend, after reports of investors at Activision being unhappy with Destiny 2 sales and seemingly wanting to monetize the game further. Luke Smith on Saturday wrote:

I hope to god that this is the honest truth. Forsaken absolutely saved Destiny 2. Without the quality of that expansion, it would be an absolute miracle if anyone were even playing the game right now. I’m shocked that Activision and its investors are so blind to the fact that the developers at Bungie single-handedly saved the game from complete failure, and instead are focusing on how Destiny 2 doesn’t monetize as effectively as Fortnite (this comparison is an assumption, but one I imagine the Activision investors would be drawing).

Though I’m somewhat optimistic that Bungie can fight back the pressure of Activision, I’m not certain that in the end they’ll succeed. And there’s definitely ways in which this situation could play out very poorly for the players of Destiny 2. I’m quite nervous that we’ll see the implementation of performance-enhancing purchasable items, or weapon drops locked behind some sort of pay wall. I would much rather pay a monthly subscription fee of $10 and avoid these sorts of issues in their entirety, but I seriously doubt Bungie would introduce a subscription fee after not implementing that model for so long.

It’s a bit of a stressful situation for us Destiny 2 players, but I sure hope that Luke Smith and Bungie push back as much as they can against Activision. The game is fantastic right now, and we only have Bungie to thank for that.