Podcast Episode 7 - Happy Gamesgiving!

Happy Gamesgiving, gamers!

We are stoked to present Episode 7 of the Podcast! Due to travel schedules around the holiday, we won't be releasing an episode next week. I know, we’re all bummed - but we made sure to add a little extra to this episode just for all of you!

During episode 7 we welcome a new guest to the podcast! We also introduce a new segment called “That Happened,” bringing gaming updates, opinions, and observations to the table for discussion. Everyone’s favorite game show returns with a new holiday-themed installment of G2KAG, featuring a new show host!

Lastly, we close it out with a Thanksgiving themed segment hosted by Steve. He welcomes us into his warm home and we go over what makes our perfect Gamessgiving meal of gaming. Keep an eye out on Twitter to vote for whose dinner you liked the best, ad be sure to reach out to us with your very own gaming three-course meal!

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For all those who celebrate, we wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!