No Man's Sky 'Next' is Live

no mans sky.jpg

Hello Games' No Man's Sky has released it's fourth major update that is now live across PC, PS4 and Xbox One systems. While the game received major criticisms following its launch, the developers have been releasing updates over time in order to address the issues that fans had raised (and had been originally promised). Some of the features within the Next update include true multiplayer, character customization, more unlimited building and crafting, missions, updated visuals, and new flora and fauna. You can check the official patch notes for the full details.

Although I can certainly understand why those who bought the game at launch (for full price, no less) would still feel upset, it is uplifting to see the company working to create a game that is enjoyable for all. Obviously mistakes were made by Hello Games, and while some may say it is too little too late, Hello Games may deserve a second chance.

Now may be the time for that second chance, because No Man's Sky is currently on sale for PC and PS4 owners, ranging from $20 for a physical copy to $30 for a digital download. Considering I don't have enough games already, I think I'll pick up a copy and give it a try. Stay tuned for more updates to come!