Overwatch's Newest Skin is for Charity


Today’s "Play of the Game" goes to Blizzard. The company has released a purchasable skin for Overwatch healer Mercy and aside from looking downright gorgeous, it serves an even better purpose. 100% of the proceeds will be going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, according to Blizzard. Priced at $15, the skin is available through May 21. There is other merchandise available, including a super cute t-shirt and sprays and icons that can be earned through watching charity streams on Twitch.

BCRF is a highly rated charity and it’s wonderful to see Blizzard partnering up with them. I’m totally down to drop $15 on a cosmetic that is well made and goes to helping a great cause. Overwatch is a huge platform, and I’ve already seen some Pink Mercy’s in my quick-play matches.

It’s interesting to note that Sony is reportedly taking a 20% cut from each purchase of the charity skin. However, this issue only seems to be in the UK (and potentially other European countries) and it is likely due to the confusion around the rates, considering that VAT (value-added tax) needs to be taken into account. As of right now, there has been no word from Sony to explain where this deduction is coming from.

Here's to hoping that more gaming companies will take on the mantle of working with charities to raise awareness and funds for other diseases and causes.