Checkpoint: Nerf This! Overwatch and Hasbro are Teaming Up

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Via Polygon- "Overwatch is teaming with Nerf to launch a series of themed blasters, bringing the video game into living rooms and backyards soon.

The Overwatch Twitter account announced the partnership — coming next year, nothing more specific — in a tweet this morning. The play weapons will be part of the Nerf Rival line, a style of high-performance, “precision battling” play gun that represents a softer alternative to paintball, or the time-honored tradition of shooting a sibling in the ass with a BB gun. Price and other weapon specifications were not revealed."

Having exploded into popularity since it’s release two years ago, it’s no surprise that Overwatch is teaming up with Hasbro to bring the heroes to life. After recently released Deadpool-themed Nerf weaponry, it's clear that Hasbro has not lost its pop culture street cred, and can cater to seemingly endless demographics. The Nerf teaser trailer was short and sweet, and-being a huge fan of the team based shooter myself-got me particularly excited to see this crossover hit the shelves. This partnership's announcement comes just before Overwatch's Anniversary Event, kicking off next week--which itself was announced with several new hero skins and modes.

While I haven’t had the pleasure of indulging in a Nerf Gun fight in many years, I may be throwing myself into the fray once the products are released.

What other video game themes would you like to see on the Nerf battlefield? Let us know!