Overwatch's Retribution Event is an Absolute Blast


Blizzard’s latest event for Overwatch, Retribution, dropped on Tuesday of this week. Expanding on the lore of the black-ops group "Blackwatch," the event takes place 8 years ago and describes the mission that exposed the organization to the world and began the downfall of Overwatch. Taking control of Reaper (in his human form), Moira, McCree, or Genji, the co-op PvE event finds them fighting their way through Rialto against Talon enemies to reach the extraction point after a mission gone wrong.

The new Hanzo skin is my favorite this time around.

The new Hanzo skin is my favorite this time around.

Retribution is the best PvE event Overwatch has had yet. Building upon the suggestions of players from the previous PvE events (Junkenstein’s Revenge and Uprising), the flow of Retribution is smooth; the map design itself is a huge improvement over those former events. The Halloween event was static and didn’t allow players much movement, while Uprising was essentially a recolor of King’s Row. Rialto is big and beautiful, and it doesn’t feel limiting like those other maps. The enemies are interesting and I find that the difficulty scales fairly as you progress. Players also have the option to tackle All Heroes mode which arguably makes it much easier when you can constantly shield your teamates as Orisa.

This has been my favorite event in Overwatch to play to date. Blizzard built on the criticisms and suggestions of the previous PvE games to turn Retribution into something a la Left For Dead. The new skins and added voice line interactions are a huge plus, and I find myself listening for ones that I haven’t heard before each time I play. We’re also able to replay Uprising and Uprising All Heroes mode, which is good for those of us who didn’t unlock the achievements last year. The event will run until April 30th, so everyone still has time to nab event items, old and new!