No, You Still Can't Stream Persona 5

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Being a fairly recent addition to the PlayStation 4 community, I am often asking what games I should pick up to add to my gaming library. One suggestion that found its way into conversations often was Atlus’ Persona 5. The highly anticipated game was released in Japan in September 2016 with a world-wide release date of April 2017. Nominated for Gamespot’s 2017 Game of the Year, and winning a variety of awards including Best Role-Playing Game and Best Music in a Game, Persona 5 certainly seems like a game I would enjoy. With high expectations, I decided to purchase it and stream for others to enjoy, only to have my PS4 block almost all of my gameplay.

When the game was released world-wide, Atlus released a statement concerning what was allowed in terms of video content for the game, as they were heavily concerned with spoilers being posted for the game. Guidelines included warning about posting story spoilers (at the player’s own judgement), not focusing on the cut-scenes or showing past the in-game date of 7/7. After facing heavy backlash (which really, what did they expect?), Atlus released a second statement which now allows players to show content up to the in-game date of 11/19.

Don’t worry, you can show off the title screen worry free!

Don’t worry, you can show off the title screen worry free!

Here’s the problem I have: if I’m unsure of a game, I will rely on others streaming or posting “Let’s Play”-esque videos in order to sway my decision of spending $60. I wasn’t planning on buying the new Spider-Man game until I read Steve’s review and saw some gameplay for myself and I’m immensely happy with my purchase. Streaming a game is, in its own way, free advertising. Unless the person received the game for free, they had to spend their money on that product. They can now showcase the game to an audience who may need some convincing to pick up said game. There have also been times where I bought a game and played through it and still watched someone else’s content because I wanted to see what their experience would be like.

Over a year later (and two years since the Japanese release date), the streaming and video content guidelines have not changed. One of the questions I’d like to propose is how long do we have to wait until it’s acceptable to stream the game regardless of spoilers? And even then, is there really anybody out there that watches video content of a game and isn’t aware of the possibility they may get things spoiled for them? I’m still going to play Persona 5, but I am disappointed that I won’t be able to stream it without the use of a capture card. Maybe things will change as time passes and people express their viewpoints about what it is they would like, so long as it’s done in a respectful manner.

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