Super Mario Emulation


Via Kotaku- “We tend to associate emulators as a means of playing old games from superseded systems, but the Yuzu emulator is different: it’s trying to run Nintendo Switch games on the PC, and it’s doing a very good job.

Yuzu was only announced in January, but is already doing big things...There are some graphical glitches in parts and slowdown in others, but for the most part that’s Super Mario Odyssey, playable on a PC.”

As the article mentions, I’ve always thought of emulators as a way to play older games. It’s never crossed my mind that it could be used to play a current-gen game on something other than it’s home console. Yuzu is a Nintendo Switch emulator, which seems kind of odd to me. While it would certainly be nice to play a new game without having to buy a brand new console, the Nintendo Switch was only released in March of 2017. Does a console that’s so new really need an emulator? The article did make mention of the legal troubles that often surround emulators, but many times they are used for games that aren’t readily available for play. Considering that the Switch and Super Mario Odyssey are so new, I can’t imagine that Nintendo will allow for it to run for much longer.

What are some of your thoughts on emulators? Do you use them and if so can you see yourself going the emulator route instead of purchasing a Nintendo Switch? Give us a call at (347)-509-5620 and let us know your thoughts!