Sleazy Game Announces Sequel, Unfortunately

super seducer.jpg

Via Polygon - "Ah, yes. Super Seducer. If you haven’t heard of the self-help live-action dating sim, which received less-than-stellar reviews, just know that it was called “the world’s sleaziest game” and came under fire when its legal team issued a DMCA takedown request for a negative YouTube review, among other things. Released by dating coach Richard La Ruina, the game is designed to teach dudes how to pick up women, but the uncomfortable approach has drawn a lot of unfavorable comments.

Despite negative reviews and backlash, La Ruina’s RLR Training Inc. is releasing a sequel to the game, which it tells Game Revolution is supposed to be “more inclusive.” This time, there will also be a female protagonist."

While I wish I could say that I'm surprised about the announcement of a second Super Seducer, I can't honestly say I am not, especially considering Valve's stance on what sort of games are allowed to be published. If you've listened to our most recent episode of the podcast, one of my gaming guilty pleasures is simulation games, especially those with a dating or romance option. Let me just say that this game definitely does not apply to that category. I've watched gameplay to try and get a fair assessment of the game, and it is honestly one of cringiest things I've seen. Much of the advice given doesn't actually apply to real-life scenarios, or it's just plain terrible. I can only imagine what sort of awkward encounters will play out, especially with the addition of a female protagonist. 

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