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Anthem: Review (PS4)

Ever since the industry caught a glimpse of EA and BioWare’s newest IP, Anthem, the discussion surrounding the game, both positive and negative, hasn’t stopped. From being wowed by the stunning flight mechanics of the Javelins, to scratching our heads trying to figure out just exactly when we could play the game, one thing has been abundantly clear: people, myself included, love talking about Anthem.

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Review Destiny 2 (PC)

Well folks here we are; it’s been a little over a week since Destiny 2 was released on PC and boy-oh-boy am I having a fun time with it. But also, I’m a bit annoyed. And I don’t want to exaggerate my frustration either--let me be clear, I am really loving Destiny 2. I highly recommend it for anyone with a solid group of gamer friends that wants to tackle some challenges online together. However, there are some decisions made by Bungie (and perhaps due to timeline pressure from Activision), that make little sense to me and certainly hurt the initial release of the game.

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