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A Not so Tall Tale: The Sad End of Telltale Games

Last week fans of Telltalle were shocked by the unfortunate announcement that the studio would be laying off 250 of its employees in what the developer called a “majority studio closure.” What this means is that Telltale Games, developer of highly successful episodic adventure games such as The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Tales From the Borderlands and more, won’t be around for much longer.  

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Spoiler Chat: Avengers: Infinity War

Now that the dust has settled and the majority of folks have had their chance to see Avengers: Infinity War, check out our breakdown of the movie. We go in depth discussing the shocking events and give our thoughts on what we think will happen in part two. Fair warning there are FULL SPOILERS for the movie. If you haven’t seen it then please put this aside until you’ve had the chance to watch it.

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