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Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Review (PS4)

In 2013, Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix began their attempt at delivering a trilogy that fans of the series would be proud to play. After experiencing Shadow of the Tomb Raider it’s apparent that they have succeeded in providing fans of the series a satisfying conclusion which puts an emphasis on Lara’s narrative; a narrative that has been building over the course of the rebooted trilogy.

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Plus One Player's Shoutout to Women in Games

I’m happy to say that female video game characters are (for the most part) no longer being shoehorned into that role and that female representation across video games has increased dramatically with strong, independent female characters more commonplace now than ever before.

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Who Ya Got: Lara Croft vs. Nathan Drake

One of my favorite pastimes in video games is taking characters from separate games and worlds and matching them up against each other to see who is the better choice. Of course this is completely subjective but the conversations and debates that spring up from these topics are always lively and enjoyable. Today we are looking at two of the best explorers in video game history: Lara Croft of the long running Tomb Raider franchise and Nathan Drake of Uncharted fame.

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