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The Best Halo Game of the Decade is a Fan-made Mod for Combat Evolved

18 years ago, Halo: Combat Evolved was released on the XBox to massive commercial and critical success.  It almost single-handedly put the Microsoft console on the map and ushered in a new era of competitive multiplayer and single player shooters.

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Sony Officially Announces PSN ID Changes are Coming

If you’re like me and created your PSN ID in a rush so you could fire the system up and actually play games, then this news has been a long time coming. For years the loyal PlayStation fan base has clamored for the ability to change their PSN ID’s without having to create an entirely new account.

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Is Backwards Compatibility Coming to PS4?

E3 is truly the most exciting time of the year for gamers and developers alike. There is a buzz in the air surrounding the event, caused by the hopes of what could be unveiled from all the major companies. One of the best parts about this event is the rampant speculation that can be sparked by the simplest of rumors. Today we take a look at a tweet that has particularly piqued my interest.

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