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Who Ya Got: Leon Kennedy vs. Claire Redfield

The remake of Resident Evil 2 is only a week away and the hype is almost too much to handle. After spending my brief 30 minutes with the “One-Shot Demo,” my only complaint about the game is that I couldn’t play more of it. As soon as I entered my first dark corridor I was immediately overcome with nostalgia, as the memories of playing the original game with my older brother in the basement of our childhood home came rushing back.

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Why it's Better to be Scared with Friends

So why is it so much more fun to be scared with your friends than it is by yourself? As we often emphasize here at P1P, being a gamer means being a part of a community. Watching your friend traverse down a dark, digital hallway as you cower behind a pillow is a communal experience as well; you’re all feeling the same trepidation as you wait for something to jump out and grab you.

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