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A Sad Tale of Devotion

As mentioned in a previous article, I am an absolute baby and cannot stand to play horror games alone. I decided it was time to buckle down and give a scary game a try on Twitch. Devotion had just been released with a wave of positive reviews. Determined to tackle at least one scary game, I purchased it and allowed everyone to experience my terror first hand.

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Why it's Better to be Scared with Friends

So why is it so much more fun to be scared with your friends than it is by yourself? As we often emphasize here at P1P, being a gamer means being a part of a community. Watching your friend traverse down a dark, digital hallway as you cower behind a pillow is a communal experience as well; you’re all feeling the same trepidation as you wait for something to jump out and grab you.

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Opinion: Let's Take Google Seriously in the Video Game Industry

With rumors about Google entering the video game space resurfacing in recent months, conversations have once again been sparked about the tech giant's potential run against the likes of Playstation and Xbox. This discussion has proven to be divisive among gamers and non-gamers alike.

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