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Opinion: Parents Hiring Fortnite Tutors is a Good Thing

Video games have dealt with negative stereotypes for as long as they've been around. There are plenty of people who don't see any value in what they have to offer. With the recent rise in popularity for Fortnite and eSports as a whole, it's refreshing to see parents take an interest in their children's hobby. Especially when this particular hobby has been looked down upon for far too long.

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Octopath Traveler: The Review

Octopath Traveler is the latest role-playing adventure from genre mainstay Square Enix, playable on the Nintendo Switch. Unlike the realistic graphics or anime styling of many modern Japanese role-playing games, Octopath looks and feels like a love letter to the bygone 16-bit era, a time which many consider the heyday of JRPGs.

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Plus One Player's Shoutout to Women in Games

I’m happy to say that female video game characters are (for the most part) no longer being shoehorned into that role and that female representation across video games has increased dramatically with strong, independent female characters more commonplace now than ever before.

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