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Overwhelm: Review (Switch)

After countless deaths and numerous attempts to clear the vicious hive, the desire to keep exploring until the enemy was defeated refused to stop growing. The excitement you feel with each dive into the deadly landscape is as addicting as it is thrilling. Tense moments coupled with sweaty palms and an increased heart rate, make Overwhelm a punishing, yet incredibly satisfying, experience.

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Review (PS4)

In 2013, Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix began their attempt at delivering a trilogy that fans of the series would be proud to play. After experiencing Shadow of the Tomb Raider it’s apparent that they have succeeded in providing fans of the series a satisfying conclusion which puts an emphasis on Lara’s narrative; a narrative that has been building over the course of the rebooted trilogy.

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Detroit: Become Human: Review

The ability to provide a truly interactive and immersive storytelling experience is what sets video games apart from other forms of media. Unlike books, television, and movies, gaming allows you to actively play out and see the results of a "choose your own adventure" narrative-- a style which Quantic Dream has made their trademark.

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