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Overwhelm: Review (Switch)

After countless deaths and numerous attempts to clear the vicious hive, the desire to keep exploring until the enemy was defeated refused to stop growing. The excitement you feel with each dive into the deadly landscape is as addicting as it is thrilling. Tense moments coupled with sweaty palms and an increased heart rate, make Overwhelm a punishing, yet incredibly satisfying, experience.

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Far Cry New Dawn: Review

When Far Cry New Dawn was announced at The Game Awards, I was very intrigued to go back to Hope County about 20 years after the end of Far Cry 5. This was a chance for them to provide closure to an otherwise flat ending, as well as provide fans of the series more reason to enjoy the open-world action that Far Cry is known for. What New Dawn turns out to be, is one of the best installments in the entire franchise.

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Marvel's Spider-Man: Review

Since Arkham Asylum hit the shelves in August of 2009, Rocksteady and the Caped Crusader have sat atop the peak of the superhero game mountain. After spending more hours than I care to admit web-slinging through a beautifully rendered New York City, I can confidently say that Spider-Man has succeeded in becoming the standard bearer for how an open world, superhero adventure should be constructed.

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