The Hacker Chronicles


This past weekend I stumbled upon a fun little video that showed how to hack an SNES console in an effort to add more games. With literally nothing to do, I set up shop at my desk and got to work. With my fingers barely keeping up with the flood of gaming memories from my childhood, I was downloading ROMS so fast one might say "woah! Steve sure is downloading an exceptional amount ROMS."  Make sure to snag Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Remember how awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time was? Better snag that too! Oh? What's this? You're going to try and actually beat Lion King aren't you? The nostalgia was relentless, and it was just the beginning.

This original library has nothing on me.

This original library has nothing on me.

Using software called Hakchi, one has the ability to add just about any SNES title. You are also able to download additional modules for different consoles like Game Boy Color and Advanced, as well as my childhood favorite, the Sega Genesis. Now my $80 SNES Classic is loaded with a virtually endless library of retro classics that I can enjoy at my leisure. Now I know it's a crazy concept to enjoy Sonic The Hedgehog 2 using an SNES controller. Crossing console territory might be sacrilegious to some, but I think the gaming gods would give me a pass considering a hand-sized retro emulator is just what gaming needs.

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend to say the least. To know I've officially become a hacker (which makes the process sound way cooler than it is) is a lot to take in, and I've already started preparing for a life of running from the feds. Swept up in the excitement of expanding my retro games library at an astronomical rate I almost didn't realize I could be making a huge mistake: I've created a backlog of games that is impossible to finish. I even recently criticized Nintendo for doing this exact same thing. I have given myself too many options. What happens when I'm not sure what to play? Well, I'll cycle through the menus endlessly until I pass out from exhaustion - or until I switch to Netflix and watch The Office.

I may have awoken a monster in myself with all these games. Can I be saved? Only time will tell.

Tune in next week for The Hacker Chronicles Part 2: I've Gained 30 Pounds in a Week.