Weekly Wrap-Up: Walmart Fiasco

Welcome to our first installment of Ombra Weekly Wrap-Up (OWW): a list of our favorite articles we've read this week related to gaming, movies, and everything nerd culture. Scroll below for our picks!

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Throw a follow @ https://twitter.com/buxbiarts


Steve enjoyed this article from IGN, commenting "Battlefield, unlike Call of Duty, continues to prove they’re committed to a full FPS experience. They’re sticking to their guns, so to speak, and assuring gamers their campaign mode isn’t going anywhere."

Kristine was interested in alternatives to Youtube as they up their demonetization game, noting that in this article "the app Snakt may give struggling YouTubers the chance to keep their income consistent amidst YouTube's demonetization controversy. Phillip DeFranco is to be the first creator to partner up with Snakt."

Manny was looking into the Walmart E3 leak controversy in this article, noting that "after Walmart seemingly spoiled what is being speculated as some big E3 announcements, Bethesda is embracing the chaos and has been dropping hints via Twitter at what appears to be Rage 2."

Also, take a look at Matt Oneil's article on the death of the single player campaign!